lauantai 21. syyskuuta 2013

Pancake trip, 21.9.2013

The secrets of a good dough!
There is a lot of things to witch I can say no, but kayaking trip with promised pancakes is not one of them.

Also a good fire is important for a good panecakes.
It has all start on a Saturday morning around 10:00 in Canoa HQ. After some small delays (read: I chose to small kayak, got stuck and had to change the kayak J) we start our trip towards Knapperskär.
The sea was calm and weather was almost great so we decided that we do some small easy rock hoping trip around Torra Lövö. After that we continue our way between Sumparen and Sumparhällen. I have to admit that I didn’t have a clue before this trip that we can go through this small and shallow gap.

Arriving to the Knapperskär gave us small sliding challenge but we all manage to come out without any funny accident to report. J

The first one!
Since I was on this trip the first time and my Finnish is not the best (either English, but it is little bit better J) I was thinking that we will do the pancakes at Canoa when we come back from the kayaking trip. Well I was wrong. These old kayaking wolfs (by the experience) can always surprise me. I would never think to pack to kayak all the necessary ingredients and also pan to do the pancakes on the island.

Sami was our master chef for pancakes and the rest of the members took care of the fire, baking and of course eating. With marmalade and cream ware unbeatable and they were almost melting on their own in our mouth (due to the hard graphical display the pictures of eating are censured)J. Mmmmmm, even now when I'm writing this I can taste them in my mouth.

Let the feast begin!
We finish the trip with easy paddling back to Canoa HQ.  It was nice and I can’t imagine bether way to spend the Saturday than being in the awesome company with the great food on the sea. 

Damijan Marin

sunnuntai 1. syyskuuta 2013

Virtaavaa vettä

Vietimme viikonlopun muutaman Canoalaisen kanssa, virtaavan veden melontaa hajoitellen, Pernoon Koskilla, Kotkan seudulla. Tunnelmia liikkuvan kuvan muodossa: